Happiness Is...Table Topper

Peanuts FabricI have this cute little table that sits outside.  It's a white aluminum thing I got on clearance at Target at the end of last summer.  There's nothing special about it, but it makes a very nice place to put the iPod speakers in the summer.

Even though it's a nice white color, it is also a bit boring.  So I thought I would spruce it up.  So I went through my stash and pulled out some 'Happiness Is..' fabric with cute little Snoopy all over it and matched it up with some nice summery colors.

Considering that I really wanted to use the Snoopy fabric as the feature fabric, I decided to make a quick disappearing 9-patch.  So I cut 6 and a half-inch squares of four different fabrics (including the Snoopy stuff) and sewed them into a 9-patch block.  I made sure that the Snoopy squares were located in the four corners of the block.  Then I cut the 9-patch in half both vertically and horizontally.  After mixing them up into a pleasing pattern, I stitched them back together and did some straight-line quilting next to the seams. 

The whole project took me about 4 hours including hand sewing the binding. My little table now has a cute cover.

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