Another Postage Stamp Quilt

Scrap Fabric Quilt
I had so much fun making my last postage stamp quilt that I had to make another. To make this quilt it takes many 2-inch by 7-inch strips of fabric. My scrap basket is so large that I was on a mission to reduce the overflowing basket of scraps. So I decided that I would cut no more than two 2" x 7" strips from any given fabric.  That would make for an interesting challenge and yet it wasn't as hard to come up with enough variety as I thought it would be.  So over the last week I cut some strips, sewed them into blocks, recut the blocks and on and on...

It wasn't long before I had the whole quilt top done.  The challenge then becomes finding a backing that will complement all those scraps.  I chose a flower pattern that really had nothing to do with any of the fabrics on the top.  I bound the quilt in a Kona solid that complemented the backing fabric.

Now my scrap basket is much more manageable - at least for now.

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