Ron Swanson - WIP

Pixel Quilt
I couldn't resist making this Ron Swanson quilt top. I followed the quilt along blog posts found over at Happy Zombie's blog. If you want her free pattern you can find it here.

I use a lot of grays for quilt backs which means I have a lot of long strips of assorted gray fabrics left over. So I decided that if I could pull the necessary 4 shades of gray and black and white solids from my stash, I would make this.  It took me less than 10 minutes to pull out everything that I needed.

The instructions called for two and a half inch squares but I cut all mine at one and three-fourths inches instead. I really didn't want such a large Ron hanging around.  So now I can pick a fun fabric for the back to complement all the solids on the front.

I am totally unsure of what I will do with this when it's done.

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