Battlefield Quilt WIP

I've been collecting teal, salmon and gray fabrics for quite a while. I love the color combination; it is soft and pretty and soothing. Last fall I pulled them all out wishing I knew what I wanted to do with them. Without finding much quilt pattern inspiration, I just let the fabrics sit on the bottom shelf on my sewing table.

Then during the Christmas holiday I was paging through one of my pattern books - a Civil War Reproduction pattern book when it hit me. My teal-salmon-gray stack would make a great modern version of one of the patterns in the book! The book is called The Blue and the Gray by Mary Etherington and Connie Tesene. I have all of their books. They have always been my favorite quilt makers and I have used quite a few of their patterns in the past.
I started to sort and stack the fabrics based on the requirements in the book and I had more than enough to make the entire quilt. I was so energized, it took me very little time to cut out all the pieces. In less than two days, I am ready to lay out the pieces. There is only one little hiccup - my husband had right rotator cuff surgery and his care will come first. I am sure I will get some sewing done while he naps!
The Blue and the Gray Quilt Book

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