What's on the design board?

Toddler ScarvesAs December starts rolling in, all I can think about is the upcoming craft fair I committed to do. I am just realizing that it might have been a bad decision. Even though I want to help my granddaughter's school raise money, December is not the time to have to concentrate on anything but the holidays at the end of the month. Unfortunately for me, I am not all that good at multitasking so I doubt I will get much Christmassy stuff done until after December 12th. But who knows...my mood could change tomorrow and I will feel more motivation. Let's hope!

With that said, my design board contains some fabrics I cut out to make toddler scarves. They will be cutesy on one side and solid flannel on the other. I also have some leftover Minion fabric and I thought I would try something patchwork-like - although I'm not sure if it will be a baby quilt or maybe even another toddler scarf!

I also signed up for a paper-piecing class and I decided to do one block in advance of the class. That does seem a little silly, however, I really wanted to make sure I selected the right fabrics for the project. Not to mention, I hate feeling totally inept when taking a class. So I figured a little practice would not be a bad thing.

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