My Kitty

When I'm not using my ironing station, I put a table topper on it. Today I threw some floor pillows up there that I made from old blue jeans. They were taking up too much space on the sewing room floor.

It seems that my kitty, Ruxin decided to hang out there while I was sewing. I love that he stays with me in my sewing room. Usually he is "helping" me by sitting on the cutting table while I'm trying to measure and cut fabric. Or he sits on the quilts when I am free motion quilting. I do shut the door to keep him out when I'm working on client projects and he sits outside the door and verbally lets me know how unhappy he is that he cannot come in.

He's our little 4-year old rescue kitty that we got in October and it seems he is getting used to being with us. I sure hope he likes it here because this is his forever home whether he likes it or not.

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