What's on the design board?

I am so happy that I finished 5 quilts in the month of January; my UFO pile has dwindled down to a tiny pile. I decided that since most of the unfinished projects I have left now are small ones, I would try to put them up on the design wall as a reminder to finish those as well. The problem I am having is momentum. In January I was all charged up to be successful in completing my new year's resolution but now I'm starting to feel a little worn down by it. I think I will still get more done, but some other things are getting in the way that are slowing me down.

The first obstacle is that I have to make a table runner for the shop. I've completed the top now I just have to quilt it. It is in some pretty browns and tans and the cool thing is that there is enough fabric left over from the fat quarters required that I can get two table runners out of it. They are also on the design board to the right of my UFOs.

I also have 2 small client projects to complete. I will definitely finish these things first, so maybe that will help me gain some momentum to get back to the UFO pile. The patchwork on the left side of the design board will become a tote bag. The pattern is very cute and the bag requires grommets. I think that's why I never finished it; I find grommets intimidating. Maybe I can get my husband to put them in for me.

The other two things on the design wall will become table toppers that I will use on the shelves of my ironing station. Those will be easy to complete. Hopefully by the end of February I can post a new project on my design board and totally call my new year's resolution complete!

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