Repurposed Denim and Leftover Batting Scraps

I've been keeping my batting scraps for a year or two now. I don't what possessed me to start hoarding them, but I did. They make the nicest stuffing for large floor pillows and I guess I thought that since I have so many jeans to repurpose that someday I would put the two together.

Apparently today is that day.

As I sat sorting through my fabrics, I came across a few pairs of jeans that needed to be cut up into pieces. So I took out my jeans bin and started cutting then sorting. I was inspired to make a few new floor pillows just from going through that process.

I decided to make a floor pillow with the seams exposed to give it the rag quilt look. I had so many larger pieces left when that was completed that I sewed them together using some decorative stitches to make a second floor pillow. With this second one I chose to do some stitching around the edge to make a nice finished look as well. 

There were enough batting scraps to fill both of these large floor pillows. I did take the time to cut the long batting scraps into small pieces so the pillows will get a nicer contour. Once I had them completed, I felt very resourceful. I think the larger one will make a nice dog bed and the smaller one will look great once the seams are more frayed for that raggy look. Now I have two empty white plastic storage bins. I bet they won't stay empty for very long.

Repurposed denim dog beds

Repurposed denim dog beds

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