Scrap Vortex Quilt - Completed

Crazy Mom Quilts tutorial
This quilt is the last one in my stack of unfinished quilts. I followed the tutorial by Crazy Mom Quilts to make this. It took quite a while to make the blocks since it was all from scraps. I didn't have a real plan of attack so I just made the blocks when I felt the need to get rid of some scraps.

The top was completed a long time ago and I had some blocks left over. So all I needed to do was pick out some fabric for the back and I could quilt it. Instead, I added the top to my UFO pile.

I finally grew tired of seeing the leftover blocks sitting on my fabric stash so I made the back this week using some large chunks of fabric that I had available. I decided to use two different fabrics on the back to continue the scrappy feel like on the front.

Crazy Mom Quilts tutorialI am happy to have completed the "quilt" part of my new year's resolution. However, that does not mean I have no UFOs! There are plenty of table runners, half completed tote bags, and a few other projects I have to do to say I completed all my unfinished projects. I do feel quite relieved to have finished all my old quilts in the month of January. So for February, I will try to get to all those "little" UFOs. But for now, I'm thinking about doing some new projects...hopefully they won't end up on a new unfinished quilt pile.

Crazy Mom Quilts tutorial

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