Zippered Pencil Pouch

Repurposed OnesieI received a request to take an adorable onesie and turn it into a pencil pouch. The request included using the pocket on the front of the onesie and the snaps that were on the shoulder. I wasn't sure how I would accomplish the snap request so it took me some time to get started. In fact even after I started on the project, I tried to make a pocket for the back that would incorporate the snaps. After I stitched it up, I didn't like it so I took it apart. Then I tried something else. And I took it apart again. I struggled to find the right solution that would maintain the cuteness of the onesie yet keep the snaps functional.

Repurposed Onesie
I thought I would move on to a different part of the project - the front. Since this was a shirt, the tapered shape towards the neck was going to be an issue. I noticed that the sleeves had an adorable little scalloped trim on the edges so I used those sleeves to add fabric to the top of the pouch. I wanted the additions to be even on both sides, but that was difficult since I had to cut more fabric around the snaps on the one shoulder to use the snaps within the bag. So after I added the sleeves to the corners, I evened up the piece to center the little pocket and called the rest character.
Repurposed Onesie

Once I took some time off from thinking about how to make the snaps work in the project, that's when the inspiration hit! I love when that happens. I would make the snaps a part of the closure and it would look like a natural part of the zipper closure. To make things come together even better, I came across the cutest scrap fabric from my stash that would compliment the colors in the onesie perfectly. It was all coming together nicely.

I really like repurposing sentimental things into useful items and I hope it brings a smile to its owner.

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