Paper-Pieced Tree Table Runner

Christmas Holiday Table runner
In the beginning of December I took a paper-piecing class. The project was this pieced tree table runner.

I pulled the greens from my stash and bought this really pretty white fabric that has white swirls on it. It reminded me of a snow storm.

I did some paper-piecing in the past, but a refresher never hurts. I did complete the top rather quickly, however with the impending Christmas holiday, I did not get it quilted and bound in time.

Last Monday we babysat our granddaughters and the day before that I had this prepped for quilting. So when Monday came I really had the bug to get it done. Now that my granddaughter is 5, it is easier to slip away to get some things done, so while the girls were watching a movie with grandpa, I slipped into my sewing room and quilted the table runner. Just when I was finishing, my granddaughter discovered I had sneaked away and came into the sewing room. When she saw me making that last loop-de-loo with the sewing machine, she wanted to see me do more. But I was finished. So I did not want to discourage her interest in sewing so I sat her on my lap and we pretty much quilted over everything a second time while she giggled. So now this project will have a lasting memory for me even though that memory has nothing to do with a holiday.

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