Wisconsin Quilt - Completed

Wisconsin Shop Hop 2013I always planned on taking this quilt to the longarmer to be quilted. I finished the quilt top and had the back ready for a very long time. Like a year and a half ready. Then last summer I started to dabble more in free-motion quilting. I read a few books and articles about it and one suggestion really stuck with me. It was a suggestion that if you want to get really good at free motion quilting you have to commit to quilting all your own quilts. The article stressed the need to practice...practice...practice. So that's what I decided to do, quilt this one myself.

Then I let this quilt sit some more. But this time I had good reason. I needed to practice more before I tackled this one. So I did. Practice, that is. And then I let it sit some more. I finally made a resolution to complete a stack of unfinished quilts and that helped me gain some much needed momentum.

So now that I finally decided to give it a go I had the top completely quilted in less than 3 hours! That is record time for me. I put the binding on and I am happy to call this one complete. It's been a long time coming. Yay for resolutions (and practice)!
Wisconsin Shop Hop 2013

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