Little Free Library Coming Soon!

Between spring projects like planting flowers and having a rummage sale, sewing has taken a back seat. But there is this wonderful project that we are working on that is as crafty as a sewing/quilting project.

We are building a Little Free Library! I have been asking for one for a while now and my family has turned it into my mothers' day gift. After a call to digger's hotline, my son came over and dug a hole in the location I chose to install a post. My husband then installed the post based on the specifications given by the Little Free Library community.

After that, I chose the plan for the library. My husband has the pieces all cut to specification and is ready to put the library together. However, we have some graduations and a reunion coming up that is putting the completion of the library on hold for a few weeks.

So for now, we have this.....

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