Ikea Kuggis Organization

We went on our bi-annual trip to Ikea today. I just love to see what's new in the store that I don't get to see in the catalog. There are always many new additions. I really went this time with the intention of buying new window coverings for my kitchen patio door. When we got there we discovered that they were discontinuing their current window covering system with something new and improved. So the "old" version was discounted. The dilemma was whether to buy the cheaper discontinued system or wait until the new one came out. We decided to wait for the new version...I was really thinking I now had an excuse to come back sooner than in another 6 months!

I did settle on some new storage bins called Kuggis. I like how sturdy these boxes are however, I hope I don't lose track of what I put inside them since they are not see-through. I haven't filled them yet, so we shall see how it goes. I do think there will be more of these in my future. Especially since I won't have to drive down to Schaumburg all the time to visit an Ikea. We are getting one practically in my back yard!


  1. Hi! I'm thinking about buying these kuggis storage boxes. Could you please let me know what the dimensions of the base are on the medium sized one? I think they give the dimensions of the top of the box on ikea's website, but for where I want to put them, I need to know the length and width of the bottom (measured from the outside). If you could let me know, I would really appreciate it!!! Thanks, Kate

    1. The medium-sized containers measure 13-inches by 9 3/8-inches on the bottom. Hope that helps.

    2. thank you so much Kathy!!!

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