Slivers Quilt As You Go Table Runner

I put together this quilt as you go table runner kit for a friend. She didn't like trying to start this runner so I took it on for her. I followed the directions to a tee and here are the results. I struggled to get the points right and each section of flying gees lined up because of the bulk in the batting. I really had a hard time with this little project. I did like the quilt as you go concept since it required only one piece of batting, not many that have to be sewn together. These are also not my favorite colors so that made it even harder to complete.

On a good note, I am glad to have the opportunity to try something new. Working a quilt as you go pattern was a new challenge and putting together the navy/blue colors was a nice step outside the box. This table runner will be donated to a charity so I am happy about that.

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