The Best Stewed Tomatoes Ever

My garden is just bursting with San Marzano tomatoes. I can pick an entire bowlful every day. Today I decided to gather them all up and make some stewed tomatoes.

I cleaned and blanched 126 tomatoes. After removing the peels, I hand-squeezed all the tomatoes into a pot, added a green bell pepper I picked from my garden and cut a bunch of parsley from my herb garden.

I love it when I can make an entire recipe with all the ingredients grown right in my backyard. The amazing thing is that I can pick another 100 tomatoes each week. And I look forward to having them keep coming for as long as possible.

The recipe can be found here.

I was surprised that all those tomatoes made a grand total of 8 pints of stewed tomatoes. I am happy to have this task completed and look forward to the next batch...I think I will be making some salsa next time.

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