What's on the design board?

I found some charm packs tucked away in my sewing table and I thought I would dig them out to see if I could use them somewhere. The Vintage Modern charm pack has been in my possession for many years. It sure was time to use it for something.

Over the years of purchasing charm packs, it's been my experience that one is not enough. It is a great way to get some variety of fabrics, especially ones you might not consider for purchase but as for actually making something, it's just not enough fabric. I had three different charm packs I wanted to use and since fall is right around the corner, it seems like a good time to use them.

Twister RulerTwister RulerSo as I contemplated what to do with these single, pretty charm packs, I thought about the twister ruler and what fun I had using one. I borrowed my friend, Sue's to try it out and I liked the results. So when the local quilt shop had the ruler in their clearance section, I snatched it up. The twister ruler and a charm pack was a perfect fit. All you had to do was lay out the 5-inch squares in rows and sew them together. Then add a 3-inch border and start cutting with the special ruler.

I remembered the process from using Sue's ruler so I got out my charm packs and sewed the squares together and added the borders. I took my ruler out of the package and realized that I had purchased a different size than the one I used before.

The instructions that came with my new ruler stated cut 6 1/2-inch fabric squares and sew them together then add the border. Boy, was I off! I sure thought I had the same size ruler.

I had to ask Sue if I could borrow her ruler again since I had already sewn the charm squares together. I got two of the three panels cut and sewn back together and they sure look great. As I look at the Halloween panel, I kind of like it as it is. So I just might leave that one alone. Until I decide it can hang on the design board for now.

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