Quarter-Square Triangle Minion Quilt

Using the quick quarter square triangle method found in one of my Missouri Start Quilt Co. magazines, I made a few qst blocks. It's pretty simple, you just sew 4-patch blocks using 4 different prints. Then you put two of the blocks together, rights sides together and sew a quarter-inch seam allowance all around the outside. Then you just rotary cut on the diagonal in both directions and Viola! - you end up with 4 blocks with quarter square triangles. It's amazingly easy.

In making the blocks, I used up some scrap Minion fabric I had laying around.  It was such a quick and easy way to make blocks that I just kept making them until I ran out of Minion fabric. Once I had the fabric used up, I put the blocks together to make this small quilt. It will go to Quilts for Kids this fall.

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