The Table Runner Saga

Over the course of the summer I made a bunch of table runners. They sat and sat in my sewing room because I didn't have enough green to make the binding for one of the runners and I didn't have enough of the floral print for the binding for another and then there was a third one I didn't bind and I  can't explain why. Anyway the sat. And sat.

So finally I was determined to get them done. Last week I scraped enough floral fabric together to finish one of them - and yes, there are more seams in the binding than I like. I took the other one with me to the fabric store and was determined to buy 9 inches of something that matched - and lo and behold there was a nice green grunge with a speck of blues that worked perfectly. So that one was completed. And the one that just sat got done too.


So now I have 23 new table runners that I want to photograph is a creative way so I can call this project completed. I have this great idea to hang them all on my clothes line and get on a ladder and photograph them from above so the volume and the colors create a dramatic scene. And it starts to rain.

And it rains again.

So today the weather looks good - well good enough, I think. So I head out to the clothes line. The clouds start to roll in and I'm worried that the weatherman is wrong about today's forecast. I keep on hanging the table runners on the lines. It takes forever because it's pretty windy. I am determined to photograph the runners during the times when the wind settles down. So I wait.

And I wait some more.

It turns out it's not going to stop so there's not going to be any ladder climbing in this photo shoot. The wind gusts will knock me over. So this is the best it is going to get.

I am officially calling this project completed.

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