A Clean Sewing Room

I cleaned out my sewing room. To most people it probably still looks cluttered, but trust me, this is cleaned out!

Since I got my longarmer, I just kept piling stuff around the room just anywhere. I stuffed new fabric purchases in cubbies and bins. I had no idea what I had!

Then yesterday my husband left for up north and I decided to take everything out and start fresh. Since hubby won't be back for 3 days I knew this was a good time. I could leave things strewn all over the place until I was ready to put it away.

I sure wish I would have taken a "before" photo. I had stacks and stacks of fabrics piled all over. I sorted, stacked, resorted and restacked until I had collections and colors and everything neatly put away. Surprisingly it took me just half of a day to complete all that.

Then I dusted and vacuumed and got all the other things laying around in order. I haven't felt this organized in a very long time. It also helped that over the last few weeks I finished quilting a whole bunch of quilts and got them out of the way too.

Once I finished putting everything in its place I started a new project. I could pull fabrics knowing exactly where I put them! I also found a few unfinished projects that I now feel inspired to complete. It sure feels good to be organized.

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