My Homemade Pantograph

I bought this paper holder from Ikea a while back. Originally I thought my granddaughters would use the paper for their art. The rolls of paper are less than $4 each so I figured it was a good investment since they like to draw a lot.

They never used the paper.

Once I got my longarmer, I thought it would be good paper to use to make my own pantograph patterns. Today I tried it out.

I wanted a spider web pantograph but I didn't like the ones I saw for sale. I did find something similar to a spider web so I ordered it but it's pretty large and I really wanted something smaller in design to use on table runners and table toppers.

I drew a simple spider web then traced it onto the roll paper until I had 9 spider webs exactly the same. I tried it out on a 36" square table topper. It was just the right size pattern for this project. I think I will try this again.

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