Christmas Cookies

This year I cut back on the cookie baking. It seems that every year after the holiday, my husband ends up eating all the leftover cookies and frankly, he doesn't need them. I do like to try to make one new cookie each year and this year I made a turtle cookie. I won't know until I deliver the cookies if they are a hit or not so it's wait and see right now.

The sugar cookies are my family's very favorite. I make them in advance then the girls come over to frost them. This year neither of my granddaughters were interested in frosting them at all. I wanted to take a photo of us while decorating the cookies and both Avery and Chloe frosted one and declared that they were done. So I never got a chance to take any photos of them. My cat was more interested than the two little girls, ha!

My daughter Bailee loves frosting the cookies so that's a good thing. At least I can count on that tradition continuing for a while. Once all the baking and decorating was done, I packed up the cookies in tins for delivery. I've really been enjoying this holiday season. Things are getting done without much stress so far. I sure hope it lasts.

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