Our Place in History

There are things that happen during our lifetime that become significantly part of history. For instance, I remember exactly where I was when the planes hit the twin towers on September 11, 2001 and when the space shuttle crashed after take off in 1986. I remember where I was when President Barack Obama was sworn in during his inauguration. I even remember watching President Kennedy's funeral procession during. I was only 5 then, but the image of the horse-drawn flag bearing casket going down a street is vividly implanted in my mind. And it's not because of any photos I've seen over the years, it's the actual image coming out of our black and white console television in my parents' living room that are also part of the memory.

Today I am watching President Bush's funeral. It's one of those occasions that seem important to watch, to mark where I was when it happened. So here I am in the place where I get the most comfort, at home in my sewing room.

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