Floral Quilt WIP

I purchased a bag of remnants from a local quilt shop about a year and a half ago. When I opened the bag full of scraps there were cut squares of a variety of fabrics that went together well. I don't know if the shop owner made a sample and these were leftovers but that's sure what it seems like. I liked the pretty colors and I knew that the quilt shop had more of the fabrics in their clearance section so I bought some yardage to go along with the scraps.

I finally decided to see if I could put something simple together with the remnants. So I stitched the blocks together to make a patchwork center and added some borders to the top, bottom and sides. I was amazed that I had just enough fabrics to make a simple top, the backing and the binding.

I decided to use high-loft batting on the quilt and I quilted it using a nice swirl-pattern that was pretty simple. It's a nice change working in these colors with all the Christmas prints I've been using lately. So far I like how the quilting pops with the nice thick batting.

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