Presents from Mom by Creek Side Stitches

Creek Side Stitches
This quilt is made from donated fabrics. The fabric came from someone who goes to my church. It was her mother's. I tried to use it up in a meaningful way. There's so much of it so there will be many more of these quilts before I use it all up.

The pattern is called Presents from Mom and it's found in a booklet called Slice of Home by Creek Side Stitches. I picked out many greens and blues from the donated fabrics no matter what the print was. I cut 42 10-inch squares from the fabrics in order to make this. The instructions stated that a mix of darks and lights were important so no matter the print, that's what I concentrated on. For an experiment in color, it didn't turn out too bad - haha!

I quilted it on my longarmer using the Daisy Doodle pantograph.  I really like the quilting.

This will be given back to the church to use for whatever they want. It was a fun experiment in color.

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