Reunion Weekend

We hosted my husband Jeff's family reunion at our house this weekend. That meant lots of fun, food and frivolity. It was lots of prep and lots of people as guests at our house for a few days but I wouldn't change a thing. We partied and played all afternoon and into the evening. I was pretty busy hosting so I didn't have much of a chance to take photos. Frankly, I would have taken a photo of my desserts which included individual pavlovas and cheesecake. Yum! They sure were pretty as well as delicious. It seems that no one went away hungry and the weather was absolutely perfect. 

Here are the photos I snagged from some of our guests:

The day after the party that we hosted we went to Miller Park and tailgated then enjoyed a Brewers game. They didn't win but we enjoyed being there as a group. It was a fun weekend and after all the prep and anticipation, I can't believe it's over. I think we made some great memories to add to the many photos we shared of the past. 

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