July Client Quilts

This month's quilting for clients includes a second Minion quilt - I had quilted a different one for the same person a while back. I did make sure not to use the same quilting design so they each had their own personality. 

The other items I quilted included 3 table runners. 

My husband had his own project to complete. The quilt shop is getting an new look. Karin, the manager decided to buy many white Billy bookcases from Ikea to replace the old brown shelves in the shop. The Billy comes with 6 shelves and you can only use 4 in order to accommodate the height of the fabric bolts. So Karin went to Home Depot and purchased white laminated wood pieces that were 6 feet long to use as bookcase sides. She needed someone to take the leftover Ikea Billy shelves and attach them to the Home Depot pieces and make more bookcases. My husband completed 6 of them over the course of a weekend. He really enjoyed making them. 

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