Kiera's Birthday Quilt

This is Kiera. She is my daughter's friend, Corina's youngest daughter. Did you follow that? Corina has three daughters who all have summer birthdays. Sometimes Corina throws big birthday bashes for all the girls and sometimes their birthdays are celebrated independently. We always get invited. 

Corina's oldest daughter, Lilly is my granddaughter, Chloe's best friend. All of the girls get along fabulously. It's wonderful to see them all play together.

Anyway, back to the birthdays. Each year I make one of Corina's girls a quilt for their birthday. I started with Lilly since she is Chloe's bff. Lilly favorite subject is the solar system so I made her an outer space quilt two years ago. Last year I made the middle girl a princess quilt and this year this little darling got a pink and purple floral quilt. I was so happy that her mom sent me this photo of her enjoying it.

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