Rock Painting

My granddaughter Chloe painted some rocks. She says she is going to sell them at my next craft fair for $6 each. Not sure where or how she came up with that number but it was definitely cute when she said it. One is called Bun with Cream and the other is Tiny Turtle. Her mother works in a bakery so I think that's where she was inspired to make what looks to me like a cinnamon roll.

Chloe inspired me to work on rock painting too. I ordered some books from the local library for help and proceeded to clean and spray paint a base on the rocks I gathered from around my yard.  I used the oldest spray paint I had laying around. The paint I found was so old I had it when I lived in my last house which was over 30 years ago. When I look at the stuff that's in it, I'm pretty sure they are chemicals that are now banned so I made sure to wear a respirator mask while spraying it. The Styrofoam board I used to set the rocks on has melted! 

I'm not sure what I'm going to paint but I will definitely take photos when I'm done.

My cat decided to have a standoff with the cranes that visit us. There are two of them and they come pick the grubs out of the grass - and tear up the yard which drives Jeff crazy.  I'm certain that by the end of summer there will be 3 of them. I love when they bring their babies around. Jeff grabbed the cat and put him in the house before he got into any trouble tangling with the crane.

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