August Client Quilts

I met with my friend Cindy to pick up her quilting projects to longarm. It was nice to meet up with her and get caught up on each others' lives. She had a baby quilt for me to longarm that she needed for a baby shower in a few weeks and she had a charity quilt that she was donating to the PKD fund raiser that she is involved in every September. I've quilted her PKD quilts for her over that last few years. This one was really big and very pretty. These were the first quilts I've done in a while that had a real deadline.

I also quilted a project for the shop. This one is a table topper and matching placemats. They will be shown at the fall preview party next week. 

I also quilted a little girl's quilt for a client who plans on gifting it to one of her nieces. 

That's it for August quilting. We are planning a big end of summer vacation/birthday bash for our granddaughter, Avery since we can't take her to Disney World. I would rather have a quilting deadline than a party planning deadline - haha!

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