Avery's Birthday Party

My plan was to take my family to Disney World for my granddaughter Avery's 8th birthday. We would be there the second week of September since her birthday is September 12th. Then came Covid. Back in July my travel agent rescheduled the trip for 2021, same week. Her 9th birthday will have to do.

I really wanted to do something special since we weren't going to Disney. But what? I mean with social distancing and families staying apart it was difficult to expect that anyone would want to participate. After all, school was going to be virtual when it starts in September to keep families safe. 

I decided to rent this:

It's a bouncy house with a climbing wall inside to get up to the top and slide down the water slide. And a perfect way to celebrate a little girl's birthday. I decided that I would rent this for August 29th - the Saturday before the Monday when school starts. What a perfect end to summer! And close enough to Avery's birthday. I asked her if it was ok to rent this and she was thrilled. I told her she could invite 1 or 2 friends but expect that their parents might not want them to come because of the pandemic. If they did want to come I would assure them we would only be outside (except for bathroom breaks) and that we could social distance as needed to enjoy the day. Or Avery could invite no one and enjoy it with just her sister. I didn't care. 

Well, she invited her 2 friends who's parents were thrilled that their children was going to have something special to do after a summer of staying still. So we invited the parents and the siblings to make it even more special. They all came and had a lovely afternoon watching kids slide down the water slide on a warm, sunny day. And what a wonderful day it was!

My sister made this cake:

It's called a pinata cake and when you cut into it, candy spills out of the center. It was fabulous!

We had a nice afternoon barbecue with the families along with my sister's family, and Avery's uncle and grandpa on her dad's side. The really special treat was that I invited the administrative assistants from Avery's school who both came to the party. 

Avery absolutely loves these ladies and she was very surprised to see them. Not too much social distancing going on but we all agreed that in keeping our circles of people we see small, we might be ok. I think our mental health is definitely better after the day was done.

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