Giant Hexagon Quilt

I finished the hexagon quilt today. I'm not sure what I will do with it now. It might become a charity quilt for church since I don't think it is cute enough for Quilts for Kids. Isn't this a great photo of the quilt via the pergola - ok it's really a great shot of just the pergola - haha!

I don't know what it is about the colors in this quilt, but I can't take a photo that does it justice. So I just want to mention that the free tutorial I used to make it is called the Giant Hexagon Quilt tutorial and you can find it here.

I brought my scroll saw up from the basement so I could cut out a dinosaur from a piece of wood we got at the Makers' Faire last year. There was a guy who had a full sized set up of Owen's Jeep from Jurassic World and he was dressed like Owen. My granddaughter is crazy in love with everything Jurassic World so it was fun to see her reaction to the display. The man was impressed with Chloe's extreme interest in everything he was saying so he gave her the wood with the dinosaur template on it. 

I cut the dinosaur out and hopefully I can convince her to get involved by sanding and painting it however she would like. Maybe she can draw more dinosaurs and we can cut them out together - that would be fun.

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