Fall Craft Fair

My church's annual craft fair happened this weekend which was surprising. First of all, their spring craft fair was cancelled because of the pandemic so I thought for sure the fall one would be too. However, the event coordinator called me to explain that the fair was being held with limits to the hours and number of attendees. Second of all, this craft fair would have 6 foot spaces between each vendor and the aisles would be double-wide from previous fairs. So half of the vendors would not be there. One of the rules would be that all aisles would be one-way and if someone wanted to revisit a booth, they would have to go all the way around. I found that interesting. I chose to participate once she explained all the precautions. 

As the day went on, I was amazed how controlled the foot traffic was but at the same time, how busy I was. I seemed to always have a customer in front of me, yet no one was really crowded by someone else that was browsing. Everyone was respectful and patient, never crowded but never slow either. It was an amazingly successful day. 

My friend Sue brought some of her craft things to sell. She had her quilts, aprons, and other small things like scrunchies and hand warmers. I tried to warn her that these shows are quite unpredictable. One time I will sell lots of things and other times I will sell barely enough to cover the booth fee. I just never know. 

We were both thrilled about how this day went. We felt safe from covid and we made quite a few sales so we were successful. It was a good experience for Sue and I hope she will join me again. 

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