A Quilt Shop Surprise

Since I've started working at the local quilt shop I have made quite a few amazing new friends. Besides my co-workers, there are regular customers that I've come to know. One of the customers, Linda, I met during my first week; she was wearing a Tomahawk Fall Ride t-shirt and I just had to ask her about it. The TFR is a Harley-Davidson sponsored event and every fall there's a motorcycle rally in Tomahawk, Wisconsin where there are social events, bands, scenic motorcycle rides all weekend long. It happens the third weekend of September every year. It's an event my husband an I have participated in for many years and when I asked Linda about her shirt she said she loves the event and we discussed our past years attending it in great detail. 

After that first encounter, Linda would look for me whenever she was in the shop. She is an expert embroiderer and I mentioned I'd like to get an embroidery machine some day. She suggested a specific model to me and that's the one I purchased earlier this month. 

So today Linda comes into the shop to see me. She brought me a Christmas gift! What a nice thing to do. The gift was a Sulky Mystery box that she had ordered. She actually ordered herself one and an extra for me. I am so touched by her generosity. I was going to try to save it to open on Christmas but I just couldn't stand it. I had to open it today...

I am truly lucky.

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