Our Christmas Tree

We put up our Christmas tree in a new spot - the dining room. Since the dining room and living room are connected, I thought I would mix things up by moving the dining room table over to the side collapsing it to its smallest size. 

The tree itself is from Jeff's friend, Greg's tree farm. We drove out there to peruse the trees this year. Usually we just order a tree and let Greg pick it out. I walked the trees three times and every time I stopped at the same tree. It was a Charlie Brown tree with so many bare spots that the entire back of the tree was basically missing. It didn't have a price tag on it because Greg didn't think it was sell-able. We made a deal and I took it home. He did warn us to be careful since there was an entire bare side he wanted to make sure we didn't set it up to where it might fall forward.

Jeff wanted to trim back all the weird branches that were sticking up but I stopped him in the nick of time. I wanted those to stay. It was part of the appeal. It seemed like a pandemic year kind of thing to do.

Once decorated, it looked pretty good. 

So it's a different kind of tree in a new spot in an unusual year. It all seems so appropriate.

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