Elna Expressive 830L Embroidery Machine

When I started working at the quilt shop I wasn't all that interested embroidery machines. In fact when I mentioned that I had sold my embroidery machine I would get gasps, like I had hurt their feelings. I just didn't use the embroidery module, it took discs and the designs were pretty small. It wasn't as useful for me as I thought it would be and I thought someone who wanted to embroider should have it since it was going to waste on me so I sold it. 

Then came embroidery machines that use a computer cable or a USB port. Wow how things have changed. And I got to watch all the embroidery class participants and the embroidery club people show off their wonderful projects. There's so much more to embroidery machines today. I still wasn't sure I wanted to invest in one. 

Then I found out about something called an employee discount. I wish I didn't hear about that. Now I was sold. So I saved up my paychecks. And I saved up some more paychecks. 

And here we are! I went to work yesterday thinking today was the day I would buy a machine. That didn't mean I would really go through with it. I've talked myself out of many big purchases. But by the end of the day I still wanted to take the machine home. Yay! 

Now if only I knew how to use it!

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