I am in the mood to get rid of things. It happens every January and usually involves getting rid of clothes I don't wear anymore or cleaning out a linen closet or two. This year it's all about fabric. So I made a large pile to take to my church basement sew day on Saturday. While sorting through fabrics, I took many pieces that were big enough and made aprons. I made two sizes, toddler and child. It was a lot of fun using up cute prints. 
The one issue I ran into was that I needed long fabric pieces for the ties. For some, I just didn't have enough that coordinated with the prints I used so I got some cotton twill. I ordered off-white and white in half-inch and one-inch from Amazon. It was pretty cheap for 50 yard rolls and I only had to wait 2 days for the twill to be delivered. Now I just have to sew some cute buttons on the front for embellishment and they will be ready for my next craft fair. 

Speaking of the basement quilters group, I am attending for the first time since October. Back in October, the group leader decided to start things back up after shutting down for 6 months because of the pandemic. I attended but I wasn't very comfortable with it. It's not that I didn't feel safe enough, I did. I just didn't like sewing wearing a mask all day. And after spending so much time home sewing, I didn't take the time to prepare for whether the room would be too warm or cold, so I was cold. I didn't bring enough beverages for the whole day. It was just poor planning on my part. So I stayed home for the November and December sew days. But now I want to start fresh, more prepared and in a better place regarding the pandemic. I was going to sew all day 6 feet away from everyone with no mask on, but by using lots of homemade hand sanitizer. 

I am planning to make a quilt top called bear paw on point from the latest Missouri Star Block Magazine. Here are the pieces cut out and ready to go:
Missouri Star Block Magazine

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