Ruxin's Pet Bed

My cat, Ruxin just loved the charity pet beds I made last month. When I got ready to deliver them, I struggled with taking the bed he claimed away from him. In fact, I delivered all of them except the one he claimed for himself.  

I decided I needed to make him one of his own. Instead of using donated fleece that was earmarked for charity projects I needed to buy my own to make a bed for him. I knew it would be a while before I took the time to go to the fabric store to buy fleece, it just wasn't a priority. Then one day I was cleaning out a cabinet in my sewing studio and I came across an unfinished quilt. It was just two pieces of fabric with batting in-between that was used to practice on my longarmer the day it was set up in my house. I decided it was perfect to cut up to make a pet bed. I didn't need to go fabric shopping after all. Yay!

I washed the piece to get all the sizing out since my cat would be sleeping on it. Then I cut it into two pieces and stitched them together to form the pillow. I stuffed the bed with leftover batting scraps and the leftover pieces from the quilt top. It was nice and soft and the perfect size for Ruxin. 

And I think he likes it. 

I had to sneak the charity pet bed away when Ruxin was off playing with my husband. I did have to vacuum all his pet hair off the fleece, he is such a hairy beast, lol. I got it delivered just in time for it to go with the rest of the pet beds.

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