Danny's Quilt

My friend and neighbor, Sharon's son Danny passed away unexpectedly earlier this year. It was so very tragic and it affected us all deeply. We both built our houses at the same time over 30 years ago so our children grew up together over the many years. It was like a part of our own family had died. 

I was given Danny's t-shirts to make a quilt. When I finally got some quality time to make the quilt I started by laying out all the blocks. 

Once I figured out how to lay them out in a nice order, it didn't take long to sew them all together. I used some dark Moda Grunge as the sashing between the blocks then quilted the finished top with a modern quilt pattern. 

I like the finished quilt. I used the same Moda Grunge for both the backing and the binding giving the quilt a consistent look and feel. 

The hardest part of making this quilt was delivering it to Sharon. I knew it would be emotional and we would both cry. 

It was a little bit of comfort that I could provide and I hope Sharon gets some comfort from wrapping herself in it.

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