My Little Helper

Sewing Room kitty
This is my daughter-in-law's cat, Nomad. He is temporarily living with me; I've had him here with me for 9 months now. He is a very social boy and since I am home all day, he spends the majority of his time with me. Lately in the morning he even beats me to the sewing studio.

There have been many days where I want to check my email before I start sewing but I cannot. I don't want to disturb my little sleeping friend. My desk chair has become his favorite early day sleeping spot. The chair faces west so it makes sense that he would sleep on it, there's no morning sun to overheat him during these summer months.

In the winter he always slept on the blanket chest in my bedroom with the eastern morning sun covering him. His routine is so linked to mine that if I sleep late, he lets me know he is not happy about it. We are so in sync, I just adore him.

Soon he will be moving out and I will miss him dearly.

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