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The last few weeks have been rainy and windy and cold. Unseasonably cold. That means there's no spring planting, gardening or yard work going on around here which seems like a great reason to work on a new quilt. 

I will admit that I saw this scary monster pattern online and I loved it. However, the pattern price was pretty steep. So steep that this one-income-family member rarely spends money on anything that is not necessary and this was definitely not a necessary expense. That does not mean I couldn't come up with my own version of said pattern.  

There's an old saying in the web design world...good designers borrow, great designers steal. I think this might be close to stealing. However, in my defense, this project is for my pleasure only, not to be sold or recreated again. It's just a little something that I can have my granddaughters work on with me (they will be putting the pupils of the eyes on all the monsters). Then they can have it when it's done.

So here it is, on the design wall for a little while longer. It's going to be a fun summer project for the girls.
Monster Quilt blocks

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