Quilts for Kids - Basket Weave Turtle Quilt

The Quilter's Palette pattern
I made this quilt using the book, A Quilter's Palette. I love this book because it gives great suggestions for using a wide range of color options and various sizes in quilt blocks.

I used the Basket Weave block instructions found on page 187 in the book. It tells you how to figure the size of each piece in order to make the block accurately. For example, the instructions read: you will need a small square and a large square twice the size of the small square. I don't have to do any complicated math calculations to use up the fabric that I have. I love that.

I used some quilts for kids fabrics to try out the instructions and the results were great. I just wish my photos came out brighter; the yellow is very pretty and bright next to the turtle fabric.
The Quilter's Palette pattern

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