Tin Can Wind Chimes - WIP

Tin can wind chimesI am working on a project with my granddaughters where we will make some wind chimes out of cans. I've collected soup cans, coffee cans and other cans so I have a variety of sizes for this little project. The only problem I've had is weather. I needed to spray paint the cans and the chances of me having the free time and getting a warm, sunny day at the exact same time needed to happen.  Our Wisconsin weather has been terribly unpredictable this year so there hasn't been very many nice days.

I took the cans outside, shook the chalkboard spray paint can and got it done. I was starting to wonder if it would ever happen. Now I have to get some cording to string the little cans to the big cans. In the meantime, I will have my granddaughters paint some of their wonderful artistic creations on the cans. Once that dries we will use some chalk to draw some more on the cans before we string them altogether.

I think this will make a nice birthday gift for their mama. I will post our progress as we get the painting done!

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  1. Wind chimes are typically made up of six different parts. You’ll want to remember that size measurements given by retailers almost always refer to the length from the very top of the hanging hook.