A Pallet Project - WIP

I picked up a few pallets last month and they've been hanging out in my garage ever since. I really wanted to take the time to take them apart however, I've been struggling with finding the time.

Last month my husband had his second round of rotator cuff surgery on his left shoulder. Of course he is also left-handed. Since the surgery he is going stir-crazy considering his limitations.

So I decided to put him to work... sort of. I asked for guidance in taking apart the pallets. My husband immediately dug out the proper tools and taught me how to use them. So I hammered and pried the boards while he instructed me in the easiest way to disassemble the pallets. He was in heaven.

Once I got the boards taken off, he could easily remove the nails that weren't dislodged with his one good hand. He felt so productive that his mood totally changed for the rest of the day.

So now it's time to figure out what to do with the pieces. I really didn't think we would get this far this quickly.

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