My son and his wife have a beautiful Himalayan cat named Nomad. They named him Nomad because my son's company transfers him from job to job. As a civil engineer on large road construction projects, assignments have been at least 2 years long however the 405 project in L.A. lasted over 4 years. Once that project was done he transferred to Honolulu and that made it difficult to take Nomad along. There are many rules for taking pets to the Hawaiian islands. So Nomad came to live with me.

Nomad has been with us since last October. During that time my husband and I have fallen madly in love with him. He's adapted to our early morning routine and knows all the nuances of our family like spending time outside in the yard. He even enjoys when my granddaughters visit, which was not the case when he first got here.

This week has been a terrible week. On Monday Nomad seemed ill and a visit to the vet confirmed that he was having trouble urinating. They kept him overnight when they discovered that his urinary tract was totally blocked. After a day of catheterization and flushing out his system, he came home with some medication to help the healing process. Between Tuesday and today he did not get better. In fact, he was worse. He was listless and lying on the floor twitching from pain. So back at the vet's office we got the horrible news; they could not help him. They could attempt surgery but it was such a long shot they advised against it. So the humane decision was made by my daughter-in-law to let him go. We recently celebrated his 4th birthday with our granddaughters who thought it was fun to have a kitty birthday. He was way too young to be this ill.

Nomad loved quilts. He spent most of his days with me in my sewing room so he was a big part of everything I made. No matter where there is a quilt, he would lie on it. This photo of him was taken when the linen closed was left open. He instantly found a quilt to lay on when the door opened.

We are devastated. 

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