3-Zipper Pouch

I received a request to make a 3-zipper pouch from a toddler t-shirt. The client also wanted me to include some vintage daisy trim she possessed. She asked for something floral to complete the project.

I auditioned 3 different fabrics, 2 were floral and 1 was the doily-print I actually used. I left the fabrics next to the t-shirt for about a week and struggled to pick one of the florals. Then my daughter stopped by, took one look at the fabric selections and instantly stated that I HAD to use the doily-print.

The print was something I picked up from a modern quilt shop and was not planning on using it for something I would be selling. I secretly wanted it for myself. I think that was part of the hesitation in using it for this project.

But it was a perfect match with the t-shirt graphic. Once that was decided I had to figure out how to make the pouch. I had a smaller version to use as a sample. With no pattern, I cut up pieces and through trial-and-error, put the pouch together. I only had to unsew pieces twice!

I gently removed the logo tag from the inside of the t-shirt and sewed it in place as if it were a label. Then I finished off the inside seams with some bias ribbon and it was completed. I sure hope my client likes it; it is so very soft and cute.

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