Quilted 1 in a Minion Bag

I picked up some of the Minion fabric that our shop got in this week and decided to make a quilted mini-shopping bag for my granddaughter, Avery. I've been picking up Avery from day care when her mother has to work late and she is obsessed with carrying her mother's mini-shopping bag with her.

My daughter has mentioned that she misses her bag, she uses it to carry her lunch to work. And she didn't want to take it away from Avery since there's an assumption the two-year old would not understand why she should give it back to her mother.

So here comes the Minions fabric...and a grandma motivated to make a mini-shopping bag for her granddaughter! I took the measurements from the little bag and made my own version. It only took me an afternoon to completed this little bag from start to finish.

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