Fall Decorations

The pandemic has changed so many things including trick-or-treating. In our community, it was cancelled, then reinstated, and now that the cases are on the rise, it's a use your own discretion thing.  Since we don't have small children of trick-or-treating age we are ok with skipping it. We even decided to go light on the fall decorating. We usually go all out with tombstones and giant wooden ghosts and the grim reaper in the yard. It feels like a good year to take time off from all of that.

So our decorations look like this:

That's the back yard and in front we have a mum plant and more little pumpkins.

What I've discovered is that there is great joy in not working so hard to decorate lots. I'm seriously thinking about selling some of my decor next year at our summer rummage sale. I'm surprised how much I enjoyed not decorating. Maybe this is one of the effects of living through a pandemic, I guess time will tell.

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