What's on the design board?

I finished my Button Collection quilt top and it's currently on the longarmer. I don't know when I will quilt it - hopefully soon but I'm just not motivated to do it today. I took the leftover jelly roll strips from that quilt to make a second quilt. This one is called Pencil Me In. It just happens to use the same amount of 2 and a half inch strips that I have left. I guess it was meant to be haha.

I have all the prints sewn together and I am working on the background now. I don't have enough fabric for the background so I will have to pick up some more next time I'm at the shop. But I will get as far as I can with what I have. 

I am enjoying the beginning of fall so I thought I would take photos from around the yard as it is today. The flowers are too pretty to compost so I won't be doing any fall decorating this week. Maybe after the first frost when everything wilts.

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