Vintage Shop Hop

We went on a Vintage & Antique Shop Hop that happens twice a year - once in spring and once in fall. Participating shops are located in Wisconsin and Illinois. We did it in spring and loved it so we thought we would do it again. In spring we headed north into central Wisconsin and this time we headed south into Illinois. It's a fun adventure. 

I was specifically looking for an antique water pump and I did find one. 

Mostly I picked up on some ideas for my own crafts to make. I tried to purchase a cow trough but it was too pricey - or maybe my negotiating skills were lacking by the end of the day. 

I did get my photo taken at The Copper Cow Antiques with a cow that the owners have as a pet. Yes, pet.

Before we headed home we stopped at The Duck Inn Supper Club in Delavan, Wisconsin. We just love the supper club atmosphere and it's a great way to end the day.

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